Painting: Ghost House

This painting is based off of a really terrible photo i took with my phone one halloween when me and my girlfriend went to an old abandoned house in the woods. It was great and a lot of fun. I hope you like it. 



Commission: Cat

Oil on canvas. The reference photo for this one actually had green leaves all over behind the cat. I was going to go that direction (to keep the feeling of a warm summer day) but the cat started to disappear in all the green. So i decided to go with a more abstract background. I like how it turned out because i could play with the edges on the wood the cat is sitting on and blend it a little into the background. I had a lot of fun with the lower right part of the wood (above my signature). Also with the blue background the orange of the cat stands out, and because of that i still think it looks like warm light hitting the cat, which is something i wanted. The hardest part about this painting was actually to decide how i wanted the abstract shapes in the background to be. Too hard edges and contrast demand attention away from the cat, but edges that are too soft and with nothing happening kind of leaves the viewer with no  place to go. But i'm happy with how it turned out and i hope you like it.



Commission: Connection

Oil on panel.
I was commissioned to make the cover for a science article, about a certain kind of dementia. It was a great job. Both challenging and it felt good to paint something for an article that's about helping people. Usually when i get jobs like this the client can have an idea about what they want, but this time she had many ideas and came prepared to the meeting with a bunch of reference photos and other paintings she liked. It was great! We talked about the things she brought with her and i then got to sketch ideas (during the meeting) of how to put all of these ideas together. I love when clients have many ideas and i get to put them all together. It's like directing a movie.

Anyway i then went home and made a final sketch that the client then approved, and i started painting. In this case i started with the heart and then worked my way up to where it meets the brain. Then i went in and painted the dark colours behind the brain to later paint the bright blue lines on top. When i had the blue lines that shows the brain i painted the abstract background, and spent the rest of the time going back to the heart and brain to push details and contrast and then back to the background to find the right balance. I hope you like it.

Project Ellna (post 9: Video 1)

I've decided to start making short process videos. To show a little behind the scenes of me making the pages for the book. I might also do videos when i explain everything more in detail, but that will be later. So here is the first. I hope you like it.



Project Ellna (post 8: Ellna is going to be published!)

So i had a good weekend. I went to the international comic festival in Stockholm, and long story short, my graphic novel project Ellna has been picked up by a publisher and the first volume will bi printed during the next spring!

I'm so exited and i have a lot of work to do. Soo many pages to get done and i need to start right away. I will of course post the process here and on instagram, so you can follow along for the ride.

I'm going to write a more detailed post about this later but right now this is just me sharing the great news. Now off to bed.



A commission: Cat

I finished a commission painting of a cat. I tried to keep the focus around the eyes and let a lot of the surrounding areas remain loose. 


Project Ellna (Post 7: a page)

For this page i wanted a painting for the background that would in itself work as a panel, or maybe two panels, and then small panels on top of the painting. I started out with a few sketches and placement of the main stuff. I wanted a closeup of Ellna and three small panels in the bottom of the page, and i would leave the rest as an abstract winter night background, like the pages leading up to this point. As you can see from the star over one of the sketches i chose to place Ellna in the upper left corner, and crop a bit of her hair.

I later changed my mind about the small panels in the bottom of the page and changed it so that the small panels would be separated over the middle of the page and leading down to the painting of the closeup of the eye. I started painting the eye.

Then i started laying in the background with very wet paint, and let the watercolour do its thing and run all over the place.

Then i started painting in the face and the hair.

I kept pushing the darkness around the eye and Ellna, and then went in with white acrylic and painted in the snow .

Then i painted in the three smaller panels with ink and then i thought i was done.

When i compared the page to the rest of the pages i wanted to make it a little more structured so i cleaned up the last of the smaller panels and made it with straight lines and also divided the two background paintings, to make the page easier to read. I actually really like how loose the two first panels are though. 

On to the next page!