Kalhygge watercolour painting

A painting i did while looking at my brother's beautiful photos. I wanted to work with positive forms over negative forms. I like the effect of the contrast between the dark shapes of the trees in the foreground against the light shapes of the forest in the background.
Watercolour on watercolour paper. 22,5 x 22 cm

watercolour painting of dark forest with trees and fog. A glow in the night


Forest Shed watercolour painting

This is another painting i started as a demo for a class. I did not plan this other than i did a very loose sketch of the shed. I didn't use any photos. Instead i was showing how i can find the environment with abstract shapes that shows up when i drag the brush over the paper. The process is very reactionary. Reacting to what the paint is doing more than trying to control where it's going. So like an out of focus photo getting sharper i started defining shapes and forms in the textures that showed up by accident.

watercolour painting of an old shed in a forest among trees and stone stairs


Mouse watercolor sketch

I did a watercolor sketch demo for a class today and thought i'd share it here. I did it in three layers. First a very transparent layer that's also called a ghost wash. Basically i painted the form of the mouse with just water. And within the wet form i then added paint with neutral colours. The first layer is just light and dark shapes within the form. Then when that layer was dry i came back over it with darker colours to start defining shadows and edges a little more, and then a third layer over that where i defined hard edges where i felt like i wanted them. Most of the sketch is still very loose, i just defined enough so that it felt like i wanted. Then i went over everything with a glaze but left some areas just to give it some life.

watercolour sketch of a mouse


Nightlight oil painting

I finished this oil painting i've been working on between jobs. I'm still reeeeally bad at taking photos of oil paintings. So the photo isn't great but you can still see what the painting is sort of. It's called Nightlight. I got very lost in the process of painting this because i had something totally different planned when i started on it. Because of this i still don't think that everything landed perfectly, but i kind of like that as well. I kind of like that it feels a little off.

oil painting person watching a lantern float away over the ocean in moonlight with a cat by adam stolterman


Window Star gouache painting

It's the day after christmas and tomorrow i'll be back home which means i'll be back in my studio working on jobs again. So this might be the last gouache painting i'll do in a little bit. But i'll definitely post more.

Like the last one i posted this is 15 x 21 cm (6 x 8 inches) on watercolour paper.

gouache painting of a house at night in winter time. a red star shines in the window


Treelight gouache painting

Another small gouache painting. I bought a bunch of small watercolour papers so that i didn't have to keep painting over old sketches and stuff in my sketch book.
I was driving past the local church (which is right next to the small chapel in my last gouache painting) and saw the light from this street light hitting the tree behind the snow. I really liked it, so i stopped and took a photo. I also like how lanterns and other light sources are hitting things in the background and it's hard to really make out what they are. It's really fun to paint things disappearing in the dark with gouache, even thought it's always difficult to keep track of the values with gouache. I was thinking that i could keep going with this one to get it to more of a finish but i decided to keep it loose.
I used black, white, yellow ochre, cad red and both cerulean blue and ultramarine blue.
It's 15 x 21 cm (6 x 8 inches) on watercolour paper.

Painting in gouache. A winter streetlight shines on a tree and snow on the ground.  By Adam Stolterman

Gouache painting of a streetlight shining on a tree and snow on the ground. adam stolterman


Winter Chapel gouache painting

Another small gouache painting in my sketchbook. Since i'm away all i have with me is my sketchbook and gouache kit. But i'm having a lot of fun with it. When i was walking through the small town i'm in to go to the store, i noticed the fun red reflection that was glimmering in the windows of this small chapel. The sun was just starting to set so the warm light was also giving the chapel really nice warm and cool colors, so i decided to paint it. I tried to rely on temperature shifts in shadow and not go too dar in the values.
I used white, cerulean blue, yellow ochre, cadmium red and black.

A gouache painting of a chapel in snow. Red warm light reflects in windows adam stolterman

A gouache painting of a chapel in snow. Red warm light reflects in windows adam stolterman